Skyler-Campbell Goodier

Skyler Campbell

// Building Engineer

Skyler Campbell is one of the building engineers at our International circle properties.

Skyler joined the Goodier team in 2019 after the acquisition of our International circle portfolio. Before he focused his efforts on building management, he lived in Hershey, PA, working as a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning tech after finishing his schooling in 2011 at York Technical Institute. He moved to South central Pennsylvania in 2012 and began working as an electrician preforming office buildouts, service calls, and residential generator installations.

Always striving for further comprehension of trade skills, he decided to utilize his versatility and became a building engineer in 2014. His main location has been International circle since becoming a building engineer, but has worked in and overseen projects in 12 different office buildings in the Hunt Valley, Cockeysville area.

Skyler is inquisitive when investigating the unknown issues that arise in his day to day work at our buildings. He enjoys taking time to build candid relationships with tenants, allowing him to be someone to whom they can turn when they need assistance. At home Skyler enjoys spending time with his family, completing home improvement jobs with his wife or playing in the yard with his two boys.