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“You all have been instrumental in making this happen and enabling me to achieve my goal.  I just wanted to say again how much I appreciate and value your efforts in working with me and helping make my dream come true.”

- Jon M.

“While national builders usually do a good job, we’ve come to appreciate how local builders respond to the unique needs of their localities. Working with Goodier Builders has been an extraordinarily positive experience. The home we selected sold itself both in design and quality.  Three weeks after moving in we are just as excited as we were the day of settlement. Of course as with any new home a few issues arose. A testament to Goodier Builders’ commitment is how responsive they have been to resolving any problems. The ‘personal touch’ that has accompanied post sales service has been extraordinary.”

- Bob C.

“You and your organization are a class act.”

- Norman N.

“Please convey my thanks to everyone at Goodier for the outstanding customer service. Goodier is definitely a cut above, which is in the end why my husband and I made the decision to buy this particular home in the first place. I really appreciate your responsiveness — in fact, I’m blown away by it — and your making my problem a priority when I’m sure there are many other demands on the time of your key employees. I look forward to relaying this story to my work colleagues next week!”

- Kathy T.

“I am very pleased with all of the work done by the Goodier Builders team.”

- Cynthia L.

“The purpose of this writing is to recommend Goodier Builders as a quality builder and developer of single family homes located in the Baltimore Washington area. In less than two years every commitment by your company to Scots Glen Condominium was satisfied.”

- Dave C.